Sunday, October 25, 2009

Moving on

Riley, you know, the baby that was in physical therapy before going to Duke in September?? Remember him? :o) Well... he no longer needs physical therapy. Why? Well check these out:

First of all, not only can he cruise along our furniture...the kitchen cabinets that now have locks on them...our dressers (just by hooking his fingers around the small lip that is there)...our baby gates...the fence at baseball, etc, he can also walk behind his new walk behind toy that he got for his birthday. We really thought it would be a while before he was capable of that, but he just keeps on surprising us!

He LOVES to walk along behind that thing. I took him outside with it and he wasn't as impressed ( I think it was soo much harder to push). But inside, he squeals and giggles and is just so proud of himself walking along.

Friday night...I decided that I had waited long enough to see Riley in the cute two-piece pajamas I bought for him before his surgery. Whats so special about two piece? Well...Riley really can't wear two-piece anything. His pajamas are all sleepers still, even though they make cute two piece pajamas for his age/size. When he was in the hospital, they were always snap up sleepers because he had tubes and wires to run through the space between the snaps. When he got out, I promptly switched to the zip up kind (Children's Place are my favorite), just for the change, although he does still have some snap up one's. All his outfits are onesie shirt style, although a few of his cold weather outfits are non onesie shirts, because he will wear a onesie underneath them for layering warmth. Why the one-piece necessity? Because ostomy bags stick on the skin like a big bandaid. A big...itchy bandaid, that little fingers just LOOOOVE to pry and pick at. So by keeping it covered, it makes it less accessible, although he CAN pull it off through his clothes . So right before his surgery, I bought him a cute set of two piece pajamas. To me, they were more than just a set of PJ' was the freedom and change they represented. Well...Friday night, I decided that I NEEDED to see him in those pajama's. He made it in them all night, without a mess being made (I barely slept a wink, because every peep he made, I was up making sure he wasn't making a mess of himself in his crib!). He likely won't wear these much, if again, until after his next surgery. But I had to do it just once.

He also enjoyed playing with his bouncy ball that night, and chased it all around our kitchen, our den, and up and down our hallway!

And he decided that the sippy cup is not the enemy he once thought it was. Backstory: Riley would take juice from a sippy with his afternoon snack prior to his surgery in September. He had no contact with sippy cups while in there, but when he came home, he abhorred the sippy cup (and baths). Now, he has come back around to using a sippy (and taking a bath...yay), and as of tonight, has gone two days with no bottles, and only sippy cups and has been taking in a great volume. I found that making the milk slightly chocolatey helped greatly. Considering his old formula was vanilla flavored, I think that makes sense. And I don't care if he ever drinks plain milk, as long as he drinks what he needs NOW. Malnutrition and dehydration are MUCH worse things then only liking chocolate milk in my opinion!

And at one, he's already showing he's ALL boy. Saturday, he plopped right down in the dirt, after he had been cruising along the fence, to play in the dirt:

Travis has been in full blown cub scout mode. The past two weekends, he and Jay have been gone on camping trips with his cub scout troop.

Last was Camp McNeill:

It was kind of chilly. It was star wars themed and he got to make a light saber out of swim noodles and PVC pipe and then all the little boys bashed each other with them all weekend.

But he had fun. There was lots to do. There was a fort:

BB guns to shoot

Little boy mischief:


And a big pirate ship to play in

This weekend, was at Camp Kirkwood, which is fairly close to our home, which worked out well because he also had a ball game Saturday morning:

He got his FIRST base hit in a game this season! (click on the picture to watch the video)

Then it was back to camp. They called for rain, and Jay doesn't like sleeping in a wet tent, so they pre-planned and put a tarp over it, just in case.

Climbing a tree

There was lots of fun stuff to do at Camp Kirkwood also, and he has had such a great time!



Anonymous said...

Lindsey, Love the pictures of Travis and Riley. So proud of Riley and the progress he has made in pulling up and cruising around and pushing his new birthday toy. Way to go Travis with your tree climbing, camping trips and pitch ball...looks like you made a good hit this past Saturday. "Mama" is so proud of you. Love, Pauline

Anonymous said...

Lindsey, what great pictures! I am so glad to hear of all the good things going on with your precious boys. Looks like Travis had lots of fun! And Riley just keeps on being full of surprises! Love, Debbie and Gary


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