Monday, October 5, 2009

Baseball fun

I haven't posted any baseball pictures of Travis playing this fall, because they play at a "big" field that is surrounded by fence, so taking pictures is really tough. Here are a few though. He is really enjoying Machine Pitch, even though it's quite a bit harder than T-ball. He plays pitcher at least 1 inning every game, and he loves that!

While Big Brother is out on the field, playing hard....Riley usually manages to find some way to keep entertained...

Todays favorite toy was his car seat. It's usually not in the house, but was today, and he kept crawling over to it, and climbing all over it. Not sure what was so fascinating about it, but he was having a great time!



Anonymous said...

Love the "fun baseball" pictures! Through the pictures, you can see the excitement and enjoyment in Travis. Great! Love, Pauline

Anonymous said...

Travis sure does look like he's having a blast with baseball. Good for you, Travis!! Love, Debbie and Gary


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