Monday, September 7, 2009

Proving himself via juice

Notice the clothes Riley is wearing? Thanks to Aunt Chelle for letting him borrow a few shirts!

So this morning, surgery came around and said pull that tube out of his nose and feed that baby some clear liquids. That meant juice could be given to him which made me extremely happy because giving him pedialyte in the past has never gone well (he won't drink it). But he loves juice! So into a 90z Dr Browns bottle, I poured 1oz of white grape juice (why didn't i think to bring a little 4oz bottle with me? duh). He saw the bottle, and although all this time without food, he has seemed content...seeing the bottle got him in a frenzy! He gobbled that 1oz of juice down (see the picture from earlier below). And then he was mad that there was no more. Baby steps Riley, baby steps! So an hour later, I gave him another ounce. Then we waited for a couple hours, and gave him one more ounce. That one, he ended up giving right back to me. But, they said let him have a rest for a few hours, and we'll try again. So I am going to do an ounce every 2 hours (he had his first one after the rest at 6:30pm tonight) for the rest of the night, all night long. He's gotta either prove or disprove that he can tolerate it. IF he can...he can have formula tomorrow. And that gets us darn close to HOME. But we aren't there yet. So another sleepless night up here tonight!! There will be time to sleep when he's graduated from college right?

Fat Boy

He figured out how to play with his nose tube, about 5 minutes before it got pulled out of his nose. He had a good 5 minutes with it though.

This little toy plays music and lights up and was a gift from the Pope family (Jay and Christie came to visit today, yay!!!). Of course AFTER they left he felt better and began to play with it, but he really seems to like it!

He pushed the buttons that made sound and light over and over for a while and then flipped it all about to inspect it.

And then I heard a curious sound. Something I haven't heard in about 6 days. What could it be??? is Riley LAUGHING at that little music box!!

Travis (who is REALLY missing Riley in a terrible,teary, heartbreaking for his mommy kind of way), enjoyed the surprise I had for him tonight. I brought a webcam with me and although I don't have a microphone, I called home, got Travis on the phone, and let him see Riley and talk to Riley by me holding the phone to his ear. He sounded in MUCH better spirits and I am hopeful that will hold him for another few days without his little heart completely breaking in two. I will do it again tomorrow if he wants!

Riley has been a pooping MACHINE today. In all fairness to him...the AMOUNT probably isn't that much, but we sure did go through a lot of diapers. I am a fanatic about him not sitting in it, because I want to protect his bottom as best I can. So what ends up happening is I change a diaper that he wasn't done pooping in, only to have to change another and then another right after it. I've relaxed my standards a little tonight (as the leg lifting is thought to have contributed to his vomiting earlier) and am giving him 5 minutes from the first sniff. Seems to be working a little better so far. but either way, it is apparent that the pipes are working as they should. His surgeon is who rounded today, and he was VERY pleased with Rileys progress and told him that he looks forward to seeing him in clinic, but that he hopes he never ever has to see his insides again. I thought that was sweet in a sick sort of way :o).

He really perked up this afternoon after taking a nap after the vomiting. Which I was happy about but I wish he had been that perky when he had company earlier in the day. But that's Riley, everything is his way. But he did perk up this evening, even after his last bit of juice. And he played with his toys some.

So tonight, please pray that he will keep his juice down, all night. I've got two little boys that have separated from each other for WAY too long!



Anonymous said...

Lindsey, That Riley...I am so proud of him. So good to see him playing and laughing and being curious about that nose tube too! Praying he'll keep that juice down. Here's a Hug for Riley. Hugs to Travis too. Pauline

Anonymous said...

Lindsey, we're praying hard that Riley and Travis will be together real soon and that Riley keeps his juice down tonight. Thinking of you, Love, Debbie and Gary

Anonymous said...

I love the 5 minutes of tube playing.

Cindy said...

So sweet..the best news I've heard all weekend...praying that you guys are home by the weekend!


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