Monday, September 14, 2009

Now what?

Riley has had some drainage where his pen rose drain tube was at up until last night along his incision line. It was "ok" until about mid afternoon today, when it began to take on a stool looking appearance. We are still waiting to hear from Riley's surgeon on what he thinks and prefers to do about it.

The current thoughts, from the other surgeon and the chief resident surgeon that was in on both of the surgeries the past 2 weeks are:

1) it is left over "stuff" from the pocket of stool and air that made the need for his last surgery
2) there is a small hole in his small intestine that was caused by the last surgery
3) the sutures and clamp that were put on the free end of his large intestine have worn away, and this is the stool that was still in his large intestine. This is the current likely theory, as he has passed nothing from his bottom since the surgery Thursday night.

What to do?
1) wait and watch
2) insert another pen rose drain at the bedside (maaaaajor ouch for Riley)
3) insert a different type of drain into the area with ultrasound guidance
4) open him back up AGAIN and wash it out, and put in another drain

The chief resident is supposed to be getting up with Dr. Hoehner and we will know what direction he is leaning at that time. Until then, we are waiting and watching and worrying.

How is Riley? He is seemingly great. Smiling, laughing, he was so happy to see me today. I got him out of bed several times and he was comfortable with that. He sat in the window and stared outside some and I had him sitting up in his crib playing with his little boom box. He seems FINE and has held down all the juice he was allowed today. For now, until we decide what to do about his leakage, he is back to being NPO and he wasn't real happy about that come next time to eat. He is looking real skinny now. He will be weighed later on tonight. We know, that as of last Tuesday or Wednesday, he had already lost a pound. I'm sure he's lost at LEAST another pound. Because of this, depending on what the decision is on how to handle this leakage, he may be looking at starting TPN and lipids again.

Do I need to even SAY what a nightmare we are living? Even the surgeons seem at their wits end as to what to do with him. We have taken some cute pictures of him today, and I'll try and post them later, hopefully with his new weight and the surgeons decisions. Just wanted to update so that people could pray for him.


Anonymous said...

Still continuing to pray for all of you! Love, Debbie and Gary

Anonymous said...

Praying for Riley and family .

Love, Janna Watson

Anonymous said...

I just can't imagine another mystifying event with Riley. We're praying for wisdom for Dr. H. to know what to do next, and for special strength for you, Lindsey. May you feel His arms around all of you.

Anonymous said...

Lindsey, I can't find any words to express my feelings, so sad. My heart aches for baby Riley. I will continue to pray and ask God to heal and protect Riley. And to give you and Jay the strength you need. My Love, Pauline

Anonymous said...

May God continue to bless little Riley and the entire family.

Anonymous said...

Praying for Riley and all of you. May strength be given to Jay and Lindsey.Love Sandra

Jenni said...

Oh Lindsey, I just caught up on the last week and half... we were without internet access last week. I'm so sorry to hear about Riley's set back. It is so unfair. We are definitely praying hard.


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