Wednesday, September 2, 2009

He's done!

The surgeon just came out. Riley's done. We havent' seen him yet. Here is the short story:

they reconnected his ostomy and that's that.

He found NO evidence of the fistula that formed when he poured stool from his incision back in December!! Truly a miracle.

He kept EVERY bit of the large intestine he has left!!!

He found NO issues to correct other than reconnecting his stoma.

It took a LONG time to get in an IV and they actually ended up having to insert a type of central line called a Cook catheter. His surgery was also delayed by 2 hours. So a rough start but a GREAT finish.

We are waiting for him to go to the Post Anesthesia area (NO PICU!!!) and then we can see him.

How proud am I of my sweet Riley?!

Thank you for ALL the prayers. Hope you can tell that THEY WORKED!


Cindy said...

Thank God, so awesome! Being a little medically niave on this subject...does reconnect his ostomy..mean no bag??

baby c said...

Great news!!!!! Way to go Riley and Dr. H :)

Jenni said...

Thank God! Wonderful news!!

Anonymous said...

Awesome job Riley! What a trooper!
Good job Mom & Dad and I'll bet Travis will be soooo glad to hear all went well too! I know we are!
Love, Aunt Cheryle

Anonymous said...

Awesome, I'm so happy! Hope you get to see him soon. Will you be on the floor?

Anonymous said...

What WONDERFUL news!! No more bag! On to changing poopy diapers, YEA!!! What a day to celebrate! Riley has once again proven that he is truly a miracle. I am so very thankful that all of our prayers were answered. Hoping for a very speedy recovery. Now you and Jay, can finally exhale!

Hugs and "Sugar" for sweet Riley!

michelle said...

Such wonderful news. This is exactly what we have all been praying for! We are as thrilled as you are!

Michelle, Scott, Jason & Braden

The Barnes Family Blog said...

Great news Lindsey! I'm so glad Riley was a trooper and things turned out the way they should!

Michelle said...

AMAZING!!! Thats great!! Way to go Riley!!!

Anonymous said...

Way to go Riley ! Praise GOD !

Janna Watson

Jenny in Chapel Hill said...

My hero!

Anonymous said...

What awesome news! Riley, God made you a very special boy and gave you a wonderful family. Continue to amaze them!

Brad, Carter's dad said...

Beyond happy. Go Riley!!!! You guys deserve it!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lindsey, I'm so happy. Keep up the good fight Riley. Happy Moments. Keeping you all and Riley in my prayers. Love you, Pauline


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