Friday, August 21, 2009

Water fun

Riley really really loves his baths now. Take a peek (warning: a little bit of baby tushy ahead!)

Teething has recently taken over my normally sweet/happy baby and our nights have looked like these pictures below for HOURS and hours:

Riley has made such great progress in his crawling, and I am hopeful part of that is due to all the time we have spent following him around like this: (doesn't he look tiny here?)

We rode down to the beach to see the big waves rolling in from the hurricane off shore. It was low tide, so they weren't as spectacular as they could have been, but the surfers were still enjoying them. There was a rainbow over the ocean when we got there and it rained on us while there and lightning popped in the distance. The boys didn't care though!

I have lived around here my entire life, and have never noticed these signs. I giggled.



Anonymous said...

Surely looks like you have another happy "water" boy on your hands. He is doing sooo well with his crawling, and standing. I think he, as usual, will show all the therapists, and doctors, just how strong Riley is!!! I got a chuckle out of that sign also....but I guess there are some folks that would really have to be reminded to leave the beach!!!
Hoping you are able to get some sleep, and continue to keep your spirits up, although I know that is a tough task to accomplish, as a mother. Please know that everyone is praying for Riley, and your whole family, as you prepare for the surgery.

Hugs,Love,and God's Blessings,

Anonymous said...

Awww, how I love the first picture of Riley in the bathtub! Looks like he is enjoying it so much. I LOVE the picture of Travis and Riley together at the sweet. My love to you all, Pauline


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