Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Learning new things!

Check out Riley's latest thing:

He can also say Bye bye now, and has been doing so all day/night, but yet I couldn't get it caught on video. Stinker.

He eats puffs like a champ now. He still makes crazy faces with the first one every time though.

And last...look what else I caught him doing while I was folding laundry:


Anonymous said...

I could just eat that sweet baby right up! Love his cute new habit, and he has great arm strength pulling himself up like that. Sweet little guy got upset when he fell back down, to CUTE!!! And that precious face of his is getting so full and chubby, You just want to kiss those sweet cheeks. He seems to really enjoy his puffs now, and has them mastered! God Bless your sweet boy!!!

Hugs, Dale

Michelle said...

omg . . . . . soooo cute!!! HE has gotten SOO big!!! Im so glad he is doing soo well!!

Anonymous said...

Too cute! So glad you caught Riley pulling up on video. Great achievement for little Riley. Give Hugs to Travis and Riley. Pauline

Anonymous said...

So much fun to see this little fellow doing all these things now.And nice to hear you so excited to Lindsey...Emily

Anonymous said...

Too darling!! Way to go, Riley on pulling yourself up. He's such a cutie pie. Love, Debbie and Gary

Rachael Pinsker said...

I am so amazed at how far he has come. I am so excited to your family at the reunion!


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