Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Facebook repost....

I posted this to Facebook last night...but a lot of our family is not on Facebook and I can't leave them out.

T-ball last night was QUITE chilly,windy and damp.

anyone that is around me much, knows I call Riley "Riley Bear" about 80% of the time....Well...here he is.

Riley Bear

The bottom of the suit had little paw prints on it. He was sooooo full of himself last night also. It's like he KNEW he was adorable in his bear suit!

And...we could really tell he's done some growing in it also. Go back to this post and you can see that he's grown.


Melissa said...

That's a beautiful child!

Christie said...

What a difference from the last post! Big boy.

Anonymous said...

How cute and adorable you are baby Riley! Can't wait for you to get here this morning to give you a big "bear" Hug! Hugs to all, Pauline

Anonymous said...

Precious as can be, Riley Bear! Wow, he sure has grown some from the last time he wore that suit, and he looks a lot happier in it this time! Sweet Boy!!!!
Hugs, Dale

Anonymous said...

Cutest little bear I have ever seen..Glad he is doing well.

Anonymous said...

opps..Lindsey that last post was from me...Emily forgot to type my name

Anonymous said...

Hi Lindsey, i was sharing about seeing you all at Walmart with my church family, they were so thankful that Riley was doing so good. You and Jay are doing a great job with Riley it just goes to show how God can use You to look out for your Childs best interest, You all have shown remarkable stength .
I am glad i finally got to see Riley in Person.


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