Saturday, April 4, 2009

A Lazy Saturday

Riley began his Saturday by showing his support for Travis playing baseball

Then he played with his crazy monkey ball thing for a while and practiced sitting

He pulled it up in his lap to be closer to him

Travis LOVES having his hair buzzed. We made him wait until school was out before he was allowed to have it buzzed last year. Jay said he wanted it buzzed to the skin, cue-ball style!

I didn't take my camera to t-ball practice, but several kids were absent, and Travis was the oldest one there. That meant he was the one to demonstrate a LOT of different fundamentals and he was SO proud of himself for doing them correctly.

Riley is still eating up his rice cereal, and eats every last bite of what I give him. I went ahead and went up to the full 1 tablespoon serving for him a couple days ago because he clearly wanted more than just the 2 teaspoons he was started out on. He now eats every last bite of the larger serving and I still think he would eat more. We won't push it though for now. :o) In between every bite, he sticks his thumb in his mouth and sucks on it. Between sticking his hands in his mouth while eating and rabbit-kicking his legs during ostomy changes....he's keeping us on our toes!

Mr Independent held his own bottle at the end of his feed today (when there was only about 1oz left in it)


michelle said...

I think I bought that same baseball-butt outfit for "Soda Pop" (and maybe that blue bib, too!) I love the brotherly love pictures and can't wait to have some of those myself!


Brad, Kellie, Lucy and Baby Carter said...

A little strange, but Carter had on the same baseball outfit today. They must have called each other again! I really do like Travis's hair. Looks like it will be great for the summer.

p.s. I found the y-cut Dr. Brown's bottle nipples at Babies R Us.

Anonymous said...

Lindsey, I just love the picture of baby Riley wearing his little baseball-hiney outfit! Too cute!! Wow, look at him sitting up so well! Love Travis' haircut...looks like he is ready for some clamming and swimming! Love you all, Pauline

Anonymous said...

Lindsey, Again with the cute pictures of both boys. Travis should be so proud that the coach chose him, to display his talents at practice. Way to go Travis! Riley looks so sweet in his baseball outfit, and he is sitting very well. Glad to hear he is enjoying and tolerating his cereal. I'm sure it will make a difference in his weight gain at next check-up.
Hugs to all, Dale

Anonymous said...

Lindsey, those two boys are just the sweetest. I am so happy to see them enjoying each other so much. Travis sure is growing up, he is looking so big in the pictures. So glad Riley is enjoying his cereal. Take care, Debbie and Gary


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