Sunday, April 26, 2009

Airshows, sandy toes, snoozing at tball and 4wheeling

Jay and Travis went to an airshow today at Seymour Johnson Air Force Base with Scott and Jason. Travis came home all excited about it.

Meanwhile, Riley and I took a little visit to the beach since it was near 90 degrees here today. We will have to go back another day to get some decent pictures...he's still a little too unsteady sitting on his own for me to walk too far away to take a picture. But he was facinated by the waves. And he quickly yanked his feet up out of the water when I dipped his toes in.

I need a nap!!!!!

Riley is still not eating great. He seems well hydrated though. The GI specialist's office is less than overwhelming me with their suggestions/information. He has a developmental appointment on Tuesday, which will include a nutritionist visit so I am interested to hear what they think. He's ok...but nutrition and food tolerance are his trouble areas, so any issues in these areas make us anxious.

Saturday was tball game and friends over to play:


Anonymous said...

Great pictures...sounds like a very fun weekend for the whole family. I especially love the pics of baby Riley at the beach. Praying that Riley's developmental visit to the doctor and nutritionist will go well. Keeping you in my thoughts always, Love, Pauline

Christie said...

Love the beach pictures! So cute!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures, and I am so glad the boys had a good time at the air show. I know Jason was excited over seeing Travis again! Riley looked so sweet in the beach pictures.
Here's hoping all goes well at the doctors appt. tomorrow, and that you get some positive tips for Riley's feedings.
Hugs for all,

Cindy said...

Wow the boys live a tough life huh?? Love the beach pics and Travis with friend in tall grass...
hugs and love to you all!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like lots of fun for all of you over the weekend! The beach pictures are sooooo cute. Wishing you luck at the doctor appointment tomorrow. Thinking of you, Debbie and Gary


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