Saturday, March 28, 2009

A story about Riley and Travis in pictures...

One Saturday morning, a little baby named Riley woke up and after he ate his breakfast, he sat in his Bumbo seat on the floor to play blocks with his big brother.

My...what big cheeks you have Riley!

Then, Big brother had a T-ball game, so off they went to the ball field where others had come from near and far to watch Travis play T-ball

Travis played shortstop for an inning...

and soon it was his turn at bat

He hit the ball hard and ran fast to first base

Next thing you know, he was on second and smiling with pride

Little Riley decided it was a good time to snooze

and Travis got ready to run again

Suddenly, he was running for home...

Riley missed the excitement

Then POP went his eyes open

just as it was time for big brother to bat again

the crowd watched intently

Suddenly, Riley looked towards the field, and thought "what's happening out there?" but by then, the game was over

PS: Riley is LOVING his cereal and tolerating it just fine so far!


Anonymous said...

Sweet story and cute pictures of both boys. Travis is sure doing well at T-ball, and I am so happy he is enjoying it. Really a fun sport, and a great way to learn the fundamentals of little league for the future. Baby Riley makes a "hit" just by being so darn cute and lovable!!!
Hugs to all, Dale

Anonymous said...

What a cute story you put together, Lindsey. I know now Travis had a blast at his game! Riley knew when it was time to be awake. :) Glad it was such a fun day. Thanks for sharing it. Take care, Debbie and Gary

Anonymous said...

Lindsey, What a beautiful story about Travis and baby Riley. Loved it! Travis, Mama is just so proud of you and so happy you are having so much fun playing t-ball. Hugs to you all. Love, Pauline

Fer said...

LOVED the photos Lindsey!

Anonymous said...

yea for Riley and Travis,.what a joy to see the two boys being together in a place of fun.
God is good.

Cindy said...

Who would have thought we'd see these kind of pics even just 2 months ago? Sooooo adorable! Go Travis! Riley makes a great cheer leader!

Anonymous said...

Love the story Lindsay!! You have 2 handsome boys there!! Glad that Riley is tolerating his cereal, keeping my fingers crossed for you!!



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