Saturday, March 7, 2009

Lots of pictures

But that's what you all really like right? :o)

Travis went on his first cub scout camping trip yesterday. They went to Cherry Point Marine Corp airstation and then camped at a campground nearby. He LOVED it and had so much fun. Jay was exhausted but said they had a good time.

He got to tour this really cool rescue helicopter. Imagine that.

Meanwhile...Riley was hanging out at home with me this morning:
I love this series of bath pictures....

Hey! Look...that looks like my bottle over there

Oh no...she's gonna wash me, let me get away

ACK! She caught me!

This afternoon, Travis had his first T-ball practice. We had a deal, that if he went and showed he was going to participate, he could have cleats to play. Otherwise, sneakers it was. Seeing as how ALL but one other child had cleats on was a good bargain I think.

Possibly my new favorite picture of him

Listening like he should be!

We thought he did great participating, so when we got home, he was given some shiny new cleats which just thrilled him. He is ready to go play again and get them dirty!


Anonymous said...

Love all the pictures! Keep them coming, I can never see too many. :) That Travis is really growing up. I just can't get over it. Looks like he had lots of fun on his trip and with T-ball, and Riley is just precious in those bath pictures. I liked the one of you and him together outside. Thinking of all of you, Debbie and Gary

Anonymous said...

Lindsey, I love all the pictures...too, too cute! I especially love the one of you and baby Riley taken together outside. And, then, that picture of Travis posing with his baseball glove and that affectionate smile of words can express...just so precious! Please tell Travis that Mama is so proud of him! Love you all, Pauline

Anonymous said...

Pictures are all great! Travis sure has been busy. His Scout pack does a lot of really great stuff, and he seems to enjoy it. What is really so nice, is that he and Jay get to have special father, son times. And Sweet Riley, you seem to be enjoying your bath a little more, and your Mommy keeps you smelling soooo good. Love the picture of you and Riley outside, and I agree with you about the picture of Travis, really cute, and I love his pose. What a great day you all had!
Love and Hugs, Dale


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