Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I think I held my breath all night....


During (that's Rice Cereal on the spoon)

making a mess afterwards

So far, his tummy seems fine with it. 24-48 hours will be the real show of tolerance.
He's a week shy of 6 months old (where does the time go?!) and he seems like he needs more food to be satisfied,but will not tolerate a higher volume of formula right now.'s on to some solids, beginning with Rice cereal. He seemed to love it. He was allowed 2 teaspoons and ate about 3/4 of that. ( A normal beginning serving for a baby is 1 Tablespoon = 3 teaspoons). Every single thing we spoon in his mouth is a gamble in tolerance. At any moment, anything he tries could give him severe diaherrea that will land him in the hospital, BUT the kids gotta eat, and there is only one way to know if he'll tolerate it, and that is to feed it to him and then wait.
His weight yesterday at the pediatrician was EXACTLY the same as last week, 12lbs2oz, so that's worrisome. Our pediatrician feels like we are going to have to end up mixing his formula at a higher calorie ratio, in order to get him to really gain some weight. But it's cereal this week. So it'll be at least a week before we can try that. Can't do too many changes at once with his tummy. His bloodwork yeseterday looked super! Last weeks was not so great, but they also mangled him attempting to get it, which can damage the sample,and cause the numbers to be skewed. Yesterday, the pediatrician called over to the pediatric floor of the hospital to see if they could do the blood draw, and they said sure as long as we didnt' mind waiting. The wait wasn't long at all, and they got it on the first stick and didn't mangle him to get it. He barely even whimpered. The pediatrician called about 8pm last night to give us the results. Have I mentioned I think his pediatrician rocks?!

Travis went to see the Wizard of Oz yesterday on his field trip and he loved it. He said his favorite part of the play was when the 2 witches were up there together, fighting :o). Such a boy that one is. he has his T-ball opening ceremonies this Friday, then his first game bright and early Saturday morning (9:30am). And then we have a surprise for him on Sunday that I can barely keep my mouth shut about cause he's gonna flip his lid over it.


Brad, Kellie, Lucy and Baby Carter said...

Wow these boys must have called each other again! Carter had his first taste of rice cereal on a spoon during therapy today. He took 5 spoons of it, but each spoon only had a little teeny bit on it. He did ok, with some gagging. Praying that Riley tolerates is well and you can chunk him up some more :)

Anonymous said...

Crossing my fingers for you and that the cereal will work out okay for Riley. He is so sweet in his pictures. I just love that smile! I know Travis will have a great weekend with T-ball. Thinking of you all the time, Love, Debbie and Gary

Anonymous said...

Yummy, Yummy Riley! Sure hope he tolerates the cereal, and it helps him to feel fuller. He sure seemed to be enjoying it, and it could help with his reflux issues also, (hopefully). Good luck with his feedings.
The first picture of Riley looked like a clone of Travis. Same expression and smile. He is just one beautiful baby!

Hugs to all, Dale

Anonymous said...

Praying that baby Riley's tummy is tolerating the rice cereal. Baby Riley, every time I see you, you just melt my heart. Travis, I hope you enjoy your t-ball game this weekend. God Bless. Hugs to you all, Pauline

Laurie said...

I still can't get over how precious your boys are! I'm so glad to see little Riley doing well.



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