Friday, February 13, 2009

Doctors and feedings and weight gain, oh my!

A quick trip up to see the Pediatric GI specialist yesterday for Riley. He was actually VERY pleased with the weight gain Riley has had. It averages out to be about an ounce a day which is what they would like, so if he's happy, we are happy. He wants to see him back in a month when we will discuss how to start feeding baby foods (how to meaning which ones he is most likely to tolerate). We still have to keep a record of how much he drinks and how much he poops which is a royal pain, but we'll do it, because those numbers are really the only way to know how he is tolerating his food.

The nutritionist talked to us and royally confused us about his pregestimil. She basically said that if he transitioned to JUST pregestimil, he could be getting too much protein?? Still wiating for all this to make sense, but I have to send numbers to her in a week and she'll do the math and get back to me. Again...confused.

One of the wound/ostomy nurses came by to check out his ostomy, as we've been having MAJOR issues getting his bag to stay on and not leak for more than about 6 hours. She brought a different kind and so we are trying it for now. It has a LOT more surface area on his skin, so it at the very least will be a lot harder for it to leak. The consensus is that he's just so wiggly now, that the smaller bag/wafers just don't stand a chance with that constant wiggly tummy underneath it. This one is ABSURDLY huge on him, but if it works and his skin is better for it, then whatever it takes!

His weight up there yesterday was 11pounds 1 ounce. Pretty happy about that, but cautiously so, as it was a different scale than our pediatricians office. he gets weighed at the Peds office again this week, so we'll see what that scale says.

Otherwise, that is about it from the appointment yesterday.


Anonymous said...

Great news...GI specialist very pleased with Riley's weight gain. Baby Riley, keep up that wiggling! Ha! Hope new ostomy bags will work great. Happy Valentine's Day on Saturday! Hugs, Pauline

Fer said...

I'm glad Riley is gaining weight so well!


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