Sunday, January 4, 2009

On the fast track it seems

Today, Riley is eating 40cc by bottle every 4 hours. His tube feeds are infusing 80cc over 1 hour now. he's tolerating every bit of it like the champ that he is. Tomorrow's plan is to tube feed over 30 minutes. If he can do that....that means we are to the point that Riley is keeping HIMSELF in the hospital so to speak. Once he tolerates that tomorrow, he then has to show HE can eat the 120cc by mouth (remember 40cc by bottle today + 80cc by tube) and then it's go home time. Well. Ok. back up. Got to get the broviac out first (should be this week), they actually disconnected the line from it today. That is the FIRST time since Riley was born, that he does not have some sort of IV line hooked up and RUNNING fluids of some nature to him. Amazing isn't it?? SO. Here is the go-home list:

Eat the 120cc by bottle - working on it
Broviac out - sometime this week??
Carseat test - ??
Us watch the videos - anytime we feel like watching videos for an hour while visiting Riley
Hearing screen - this week? dunno yet
Circumcision - soon (poor baby)
Rooming in - ??

that's it folks! I am so anxious for them to get that Broviac out of them I can't stand it. I'll probably be the doctor's worst nightmare until that thing is gone. It's an infection risk, it's no longer needed, and all it can do at this point is get him sick which will keep him in there. Question #1 on my list tomorrow is "when is the Broviac being removed".

The doctor's guesstimate on when he thinks Riley will go home New Years day...when Riley couldn't suck on a bottle for nothing, was 3 weeks. In 4 days, we are bottling 1/3 of what he needs, no iv fluids and full milk feeds. These are things he thought would take 2 weeks to get to. I'm very interested to hear the guesstimate tomorrow.

Pictures later


michelle said...

Isn't this just the best news?! I am so excited that when we finally make it down to your house with the Christmas gifts that Riley will be there, too! I am just so thrilled for you guys!

Anonymous said...

Baby Riley, I am so happy for you...keep drinking up that milk! God Bless You Baby Riley. Hugs to you, Pauline

Anonymous said...

I'm so excited for you guys!!!

Anonymous said...

This is all such great news, and so exciting. Everything seems to be happening all of a sudden. When Riley decides to do something, he does it his way! Unbelievable. Like I said before, I have been waiting for the day he would suck on a bottle and enjoy it. It seems as though that is finally happening, and he is going to town with his feedings. Way to go Riley! Keep up the good work, and pretty soon you will be a beautiful pink, and no more yellow.
I'm just sooooo happy for you all!!!
Love and Hugs, Dale

Brad, Kellie, and Carter Myers said...

Very glad to read this....jealous of the feeding... but still glad :)

Please tell your parents thanks for posting on our blog. It is sweet of them to keep checking in on us. We look forward to the big reunion soon. Our parents ask about Riley all the time also!

Anonymous said...

Great news, this baby is amazing, when he completely gets up and going he is going to give you a run for your money, and i know you can hardly wait for that. Travis is so amazing also because he just looks like he is taking care of Riley too and Riley looks like he loves Travis so much.take care, God blessings to continue.

Jenny Regan said...

It's all good! How exciting for everyone. I have something to mail you....should I send it to the hospital or house? I know you are so busy but can you pls email me whatever address I should use? I meant to drop it off while we were visiting my parents in Wilmington over New Year's, but I never made it over there to the hospital. Thanks,
Jenny Regan with the twins in Chapel Hill (friends with Johelen and Ben and Natalie and Abby)

Anonymous said...

What Great news !!!!! I am soo happy for you all ..... Praying God will continue to bless Riley and Family ....

Love Janna Watson

Anonymous said...

I am so excited to hear this news! Three cheers for Riley!! Won't be long now! Love, Debbie and Gary


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