Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Test over

The test is over. It took forever. While on my lunch break from class, I called Jay and Riley was SCREAMInG. He has issues with restraint anyway and being on a tilt table for hours with arms strapped up over his head isn't his cup of tea. We know right now that there is some form of a stricture or blockage but its not complete. The dye DID flow from his stomach and out his stoma. They will take another xray in 3 hours to see if there is any dye remaining. No is the preferable result to that. He did show that he has SEVERE reflux during the test and in order to even do it, they had to replace the NG tube he had Ytube from nose to stomach) with another tube that is actually a feeding tube that is going from nose to INTESTINE! They had to do this via high speed xray so they left it in case he does get to feed and if its needed for that. We knew he had reflux. He gets zantac in his TPN mixture for that but he still "chews" a lot,which is a sign of refluxing. Not ONE TIME has my poor baby cried from it.

More news when I have it.


Anonymous said...

Lindsey, Thanks for update, waiting is so hard, isn't it? Baby Riley, you are so sweet and so brave. Keep fighting little one. Hoping for positive results on next x-ray. Hugs, Pauline

Anonymous said...

We are praying for Baby Riley. Keep your chin up we are praying for all of you. Ya'll have come so far already and we know Riley is a fighter.

Anonymous said...

We've been praying for Riley to receive the most positive results. Let us know how this last x-ray turns out. Hoping for the best! We're thinking of all of you, Love, Debbie and Gary


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