Monday, December 22, 2008

Riley bear Riley bear who do you see....

I see Carter looking at me! was dress the kids alike day in the ICN Sunday. Riley and Carter have a couple matching outfits and come ON, how cute are they? Nurse Brigit had to get in on the action too.

We are sooo printing that picture and putting it on the ICN bullitin board. Speaking of Brigit, Mom and I caught her singing and dancing with Riley when we came back from lunch.He was loving it. He about made her cry later on when she had to give him an immunization AFTER a heel stick for a lab. Poor Brigit, can't stand to see her baby upset.

and look who else came to visit!

Yes, Pauline got her hands on Riley for only the 2nd time EVER. Lots of love for Riley on Sunday, between Brigit, and Mema and Granddaddy and Mommy. Jay and Travis were off doing their thing,but they are with him today and Memere and Great Grandma Souza are visiting with them.

Speaking of Travis...

He really likes exploring the Duke Gardens and taking walks to the Chapel. He and Jay also went to the museaum of Life and Science one day and he LOVED that.

And finally, I think this is my new favorite picture:

He makes nose tubes look darn cute doesn't he?! he's doing well today, they increased his feeds and are beginning to decrease his TPN amount. I can't tell you how much I want to just bust out dancing over THAT! Hopefully Riley is on the fast track (ok maybe not really FAST) home now. It's all about tolerance now. As long as he tolerates the feeds, they will increase them. I expect we will be bottling soon.


Cindy said...

Well I always have to laugh or cry when I read your blog, today I did sweet!!!!!!!!! Keep up the good work Riley!

Anonymous said...

Baby Riley, I am still smiling from my visit with you yesterday...I loved it! Sweet one, keep drinking up that milk. Lindsey, love all the cute and so precious of baby Riley and also the ones of Travis. Love you all, Pauline

Anonymous said...

Lindsey, I can just tell it in the way you type the postings that you are thrilled with Riley's progress. I am so happy for him and for all of you. Loved seeing all the pictures. I smile and cry at the same time. Thank god for prayers and the miracles of the Lord!!! Love, Debbie and Gary

Brad, Kellie, Lucy and Baby Carter said...

Although he does make a nose tube look super cute, we'll be glad to see it gone and a big ol' bottle in his mouth! By the way, thanks for the tip--I found a 4oz. Dr. Brown's bottle. See you on Christmas Day!

Anonymous said...

It was great seeing all the cute pictures, and the smiles. Riley and Carter looked so sweet in their matching outfits, and Brigit sounds like she has lots of fun with "her babies". It is so nice to hear you sounding so upbeat, Lindsey. All of Riley's advances are wonderful, and I also hope he will be sucking a bottle soon. He is one remarkable little guy! Keep up the good work Riley! Travis, you continue to have fun also.
Love and Hugs to all, Dale


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