Thursday, December 25, 2008

The past 24 hours...

Travis is vomiting again, we are trying to keep him hydrated, but if it continues, back he goes to the hospital.

Here are some pictures from our last 24 hours.

Being wheeled out of Room 7 at DUKE courtesy of Kellie (Carter's mommy)

His old bedspace after they wheeled him out

Wheels stop at NHRMC. Such a big vehicle to transport one 10lb baby.

Surely one day, I will see my baby transported in the carseat in my van, not in plastic boxes in helicopters and ambulances.

I told these guys in blue (gratefully and politely), that I hope Riley NEVER has to use their services again. That all his traveling from now on will be in a normal vehicle.

Snug as a bug in the "torpedo" as I call it. I think it's real name is a space pod or something like that.

Nurse Michelle had his room all ready for him. You see, she remembered the important stuff "I like: 'my paci'"

they also remembered something else Riley likes:

Those are little tubes of sucrose water, called tootsweet or "sweeties". Riley loves him some sweeties and everyone who has ever cared for him knows it.

Comfy in his new room

Apparently, his new crib is comfy, this is how I found him this morning

Meanwhile...Travis was living large on the 2nd floor

big grin from opening gifts

Tool man


Jay and Christie said...

welcome home boys!

Brad, Kellie, and Carter said...

I told Kellie it looked like the opening scene from Superman where he was loaded into the rocket ship to earth last night. We had to wipe away some tears saying goodbye to little Riley, but we are so happy you guys are all together and a little closer to home. Carter's been grumpy over Riley's departure, however. May be a while until he speaks to you guys again for taking his friend from him. Hope everyone had a great Christmas and hope to see everyone at HOME soon!

Anonymous said...

Tears of Happiness, what more can I say. But, a little sad that Travis is still vomiting. Love all the pictures, so sweet. Give a big Hug and Squeeze to Travis and baby Riley from "Mama". God Bless, Pauline

Anonymous said...

So glad you got to be together for Christmas, at "Home". Riley looked so adorable in his little Santa suit. Sweet baby! I am so sorry to hear that Travis is vomiting again. I hope and pray is is feeling better soon, so he doesn't have to go back to the hospital. Eat some ice pops, Travis, to keep hydrated. Get better fast buddy!
Love & Hugs, Dale

Anonymous said...

Lindsey and Jay, we are so grateful that God has yet worked his miracles again and has gotten all of you together on Christmas. We are happy that Riley is home. He looked adorable in that Santa suit. I hope Travis is feeling better. Enjoy all these happy moments with each other. Love, Debbie and Gary

Fer said...

I'm glad you could be together in Christmas, I will pray so Travis stop vomitting.
P.S. I got your blog address from Brad and Kellie's

Brad, Kellie, Lucy and Baby Carter said...

I love the wipe off board. We need those at Duke :) Travis looks way too happy to be in the hospital. I am thrilled you were able to be together for Christmas. I hope you know you were greatly missed up here!

Anonymous said...

OMG that is such great news...I can't wait to get back next week and see you all!! What room is he in?? He definately likes the sweet stuff!!!



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