Saturday, December 6, 2008

Just.... ugh

Stool is still coming out of incision. It kind of seems like it is decreasing in amount, but hard to say for sure. They did bloodwork and xrays today. The bloodwork has become not so reassuring but the xray looks ok.Neither are an exact science of course. No one knows what is going on in his belly, seems all the questions I ask get a "we don't know" answer and I WANT TO KNOW what is going on in there

He IS replogle free for the evening...he yanked it out while I was talking to the resident and she said leave it out, its useless now, if surgery wants it back down they can do it in the morning.


Anonymous said...

Lindsey, My heart just aches for baby Riley. My prayers are for the doctors to find the answers and heal baby Riley. Lindsey, I know you must be just beside answers make for long days and nights. I pray for inner peace for you. Hugs to you and baby Riley. Pauline

Anonymous said...

Lindsey, we are praying for you. I hope you get your questions answered soon and that the doctors will figure out what is going on inside of Riley. May you be at peace soon. Love, Debbie

Anonymous said...

Lindsey, You must be so frustrated. I can't blame you for wanting answers, this has been going on for too long, without answers. Praying the doctors can get to the bottom of Riley's problem real soon, and that he will stay tough. May you get answers soon, and may they be reassuring and positive.
Blessings to you and Baby Riley,

Cindy said...

You tell Riley to knock that stuff off and stand up and walk out of there! Geez!!!!!!!!!! We are there with you in spirit giving all our strength to pass to Riley and the rest of you to hang in there. Give him a cuddle for us and Travis too!
And a great big one for you and Jay too!


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