Monday, December 29, 2008

I've been MIA

because I've been SICK! Ugh. I got sick Sunday evening and spent all day yesterday in bed, SLEEPING. I was only awake for about 3 hours total the entire day and I slept all night also. I thought I had what mom and Travis had, but I got over mine much too quickly to be that. Either way, I'm glad it was over. It was not pleasant. But on to more important things!

Riley had his stomach ultrasound around 8pm Saturday night. It showed his stomach is completely normal, no pyloric stenosis. With that information, the doctors started his milk feeds back today at 5cc every 4 hours. So reflux it is, hopefully we can get that under control fairly quickly.

Exciting news....Dr Sharaf was telling Jay that in the next four days, Riley will be up to full feeds by tube. that means that he will be off of TPN and lipids in the next four days. So yesterday, he was up to 22cc of milk per hour and his TPN was down to 6ml per hour. SIX!!!! I will be so glad when that stuff is gone for good. He also said that after a couple days of being on the full feeds, we will plan for his Broviac removal. Speech and OT coming today to work with him on his bottling skills as once he gets to full feeds later this week, Riley will just have to get his bottling skills up to come HOME! I'm gonna start making my list of what we need to get for that to happen, as there are quite a few things needed to care for that ostomy! But that is OK.

Question: How do you get a baby that never feels hungry to eat? hmmm

MOST exciting news...Yesterday Riley had an abdominal ultrasound, just as a maintenance/followup and for the first time, since he was 3 days old...his intestines looked perfectly NORMAL! NO dilated loops of inflammed/gas and fluid filled intestine. Yes. I cried.

Oh and he had a 1.5 hour stroller ride Sunday.


Anonymous said...

Lindsey, Yes, I cried too! So exciting! But, we have to thank God for his miracles in healing baby Riley and guiding the doctors, surgeons and nurses...Thank you God. I'm so happy, that no words seem to come that convey how I feel in my heart. God Bless, Love you all, Pauline

Anonymous said...

Lindsey, this is the most wonderful news I could've heard today! I am so happy for all of you and so thankful that God has worked his miracles and has healed Riley. And yes, I am crying too as I type this message to you. This is going to be a great 2009 year, I can just feel it! Glad you're feeling better. Love, Debbie and Gary

pamela said...

All I can say is PRAISE GOD!!! Sorry I haven't posted to you in awhile, but you have been in my prayers:)


Anonymous said...

Thank you God for all the answered prayers in Rileys life. Lindsey we will continue to keep all of you in our prayers,God made me smile with joy when Riley make it to new hanover hostipal for Christmas. knowing that a blessing was happening for all of you to be in the same town at Christmas.Take Care.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lindsey, sorry to hear you were sick too, but glad to know you are much better. It's such great news hearing of Riley's improvements. Looks like all the prayers were heard and answered. We will keep praying for his continued improvements. Both Big G and I have been very sick as well, but now are just about over it. Love Aunt Brenda and Big G

Mary said...

Dear Linsey: I am sorry to hear all you have been going through with your babies. I want you to know that I have been thinking about you and your family and I am going to put you on our prayer list at church. My husband is a living testimony for prayer. He is at Coastal Rehab now. I am rolling him outside on the nice days to get some fresh air. Maybe we'll see you out there. God Bless you and let people help you. Mary Purdy

Anonymous said...

Another day with wonderful reports. So glad you are feeling better also, but sorry you got hit with a virus also. Stay well, and get stronger.
Riley has stayed tough through so much, and he has proven that miracles can and do happen. I will be even happier when they take that nose tube out, and he can suck from the bottle for feedings and really enjoy it. Hopefully that will be in the near future.
Blessings and hugs to all, Dale

Anonymous said...

That is great news..can't wait to see him tomorrow. Glad you are feeling a it better (you could have had the same virus as Travis & your mom, but you already had some antibodies against it...if you are confused, just ask me when I see you & I will explain).


Natalie and Abigail said...

Oh gosh Lindsey, If I knew the answer to how to get a never hungry baby to eat, I'd tell you everything I know!

My babies are almost never hungry. They never cry for food or milk. They also don't eat well.

If you figure out the answer - let me know - please!


Cindy said...

Go Riley! Way to eat buddy! So glad to read that news! New Years resolution for ya; Go home healthy! you


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