Monday, December 15, 2008

GI study tomorrow

Please pray that it doesn't show any strictures. If no strictures, they are going to let him eat. Eating and getting off TPN would be what he'd have to accomplish to come home. If strictures, then yet another surgery,recovery,eating and getting off TPN. Not to mention loss of bowel where the stricture is. The study is at 830am. Not sure how long it will take to get the official results,but Jay will be there to see the screen so he'll likely know pretty quickly if any strictures. We are Christmas shopping tonight. I figured it would be best to do Rileys before finding out what the GI study says. So we ask if you could please pray specifically for no strictures.


Cindy said...

You guys are more then due for some good news. But we will say a special prayer for Riley tonight. I'm feeling that it will bring good news. Any way Santa could visit the NICU for pictures? Maybe someone could volunteer to visit the babies and children to make their Christmas a little brighter. Crossing our fingers and everything else for Riley's test to show good things...Take care..

Anonymous said...

Lindsey, Praying for no strictures and asking God to oversee the GI study and be with the techs and with baby Riley. Keeping baby Riley, you, Jay and Travis in our prayers daily. Hugs, Pauline

Brad (Carter's dad) said...

I'm really hating being away from our little guys, even for 2 days. I'll be back tonight. Praying that Riley gets good news on his study. I'll be thinking about you guys all day. One day, when Riley and Carter are playing hide and seek at one of our reunions with you guys, we'll all look back on our ICN days and wonder how we got through it. You and Jay are definitely helping Kellie and I through our journey. Praying for good news and I'll see you guys tonight!


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