Friday, December 19, 2008


Riley's last dose of antibiotics go in today. His previous record of being antibiotic free is 5 days.

He begins to get his 2 month old immunizations tomorrow! That Broviac won't help him with those though. He'll get them in the thighs like normal babies. Think he will even bother to cry for them?

He's staying on his current amount of pedialyte today at least. His xrays show no change which in one way is good...pedialyte isn't aggravating anything, but its still showing he has large gas filled loops of bowel. They don't want those gas filled areas to fill with fluid and make things worse so we're just maintaining today. Only one way to make that gas go away...its got to come out!

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Anonymous said...

Baby Riley, Thinking of you today...hoping those shots don't hurt too much. Yeah for no more antibiotics! Love you sweet one. Pauline


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