Wednesday, November 19, 2008

wednesday's news

Breathing a little easier this morning...Platelets are up to 137 from 97 and white cells are dropping (you want these to go down). This means, he's getting better!! Jay says he looks better too. He still has just an IV (in his foot) right now. They should try for a PICC sometime soon. Jay going to ask when today, since it's coming up on a weekend. THey made a big deal about not doing it on a weekend when we got up there last Friday.

Travis and I did a little shopping last night for things we needed at home. Also bought some snap-up sleepers to take to Duke for Riley. He has to have the ones that snap and I only had a couple of those for him so we bought about one of every one Target had :o) Travis also wanted to get him a Christmas outfit. That caused me to cry right in the middle of Target. But we picked him out one.

Travis also told me the sweetest thing. They were having to tell one thing they were thankful for in class yesterday. His thing?? "mommy, I said that I was thankful for all the people who are taking care of my baby brother and helping him get well". did my heart just break when he said that. What a sweet sweet boy I have!!

Oh. Riley is back in a big boy bed now also! Here are some pictures Jay took with his cellphone for me. He'll have a laptop starting this weekend (forgot to take one for him last week) so he can send some better quality pictures then. But for now, this works.


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear he's getting better! I've been on pins and needles. The pictures are so good.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness Lindsey, talk about breaking my heart: How sweet is that Travis. I cried trying to tell Neal. And, what sweet pictures of little cupid baby Riley. He is just precious. I can't wait to hold and hug him again. For now, give Travis a big hug from "Mama" and Riley a big Hug from "Mama" too! So thankful Riley is feeling better. Love you all, Pauline

Anonymous said...

Lindsey it sounds like you and Jay have two sweet boys on your hands. Great news ! Thinking and praying for Riley daily .

Janna Watson

Anonymous said...

Another terrific report on "sweet cheeks". So glad to hear his blood counts are so good. Mr. Bear looks like he's soothing Riley's forehead. Really sweet. The stories of Travis, with the outfit, and the "thankful for" brought tears to my eyes, what a sweet and thoughtful child. How lucky are you?? Now I have to try and tell Billy the story without crying!
Love to all,

Anonymous said...

Lindsey, I am so glad to hear and see that Riley is getting better. How sweet that Travis is! It brought tears to my eyes as well. You have two wonderful children who love you and Jay so much, just as the both of you do to them. Take care, Love, Debbie and Gary

Cindy said...

It's nice to see him sleeping peacefully, hopefully this is the turn for the better we've been waiting for...hugs and kisses..


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